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owner + instructor

Hi! I'm Jennifer Choy - owner of and instructor at The Signing Tree. As a mother of two and licensed elementary teacher for over 15 years, I've innately always had a passion for helping children learn. I love working with children and watching them develop new concepts and skills.


I started teaching my own children American Sign Language at an early age in hopes of helping them gain some basic manners and vocabulary while learning to speak. It greatly helped diminish the tantrums that stem from lack of verbal communication skills that we as mothers know all too well. 

ASL has immensely helped my son match letters to words while working through his dyslexia. Signing has also helped my daughter's speech delay as it taught her to correlate words with signs to get her point across. And, it's even helped me! After living in China for over 2 years with my family, I was able to apply American Sign Language and it made it that much easier as we learned Mandarin. Every child and adult has a different learning style and I've found that languages come much easier when we are able to associate kinesthetic attachment to words.


So, whether you want to communicate with your pre-verbal child, looking to clarify speech, starting to learn a 2nd language, wanting to help a senior citizen tell you what they need, or just want to have fun; The Signing Tree is a great way to start learning ASL vocabulary today!


the blue house


The Blue House Classroom was named because of what it looks like!  It's a house, it's blue, and it's where some classes take place.

Located in the heart of Old Town Louisville, across from Community Park. Classes here are ideal because of it's laid back and comfortable feel.  Free roaming around the room is safe for the kids, in a colorful and friendly environment. There is a bathroom nearby, and plenty of space and light that can easily host up to 16 people (8 adults, 8-10 kids) for a class. 


Need to nurse, change a diaper?  Go right ahead!  I have been there/done that and I know your children take priority. Need a bottle heated up, a fresh glass of water or warm cup of tea? I've got you covered.

Come join us today for a class in

The Blue House Classroom!

Blue House
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