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Who teaches classes at The Signing Tree?

A teacher who loves kids, teaching and having fun!

Jennifer Choy

Hi! My name is Jennifer and I own The Signing Tree.


I'm a mother of 2 children. I loved teaching my children American Sign Language at an early age, for some basic manners and vocabulary while learning to speak. It greatly helped diminish those tantrums for lack of verbal communication. I started working with my oldest when he was about 6 months old. Everyone has a different learning style, and I find that languages come much easier when you have a kinesthetic attachment to them.


We lived in China for over 2 years and I was able to use my ASL to learn Mandarin that much easier.


I found that working with my dyslexic son, ASL has been a great help with learning the letters to words. My daughter has a verbal speech delay, and signing is helping her correlate her words with the signs to get her point across.

I'm a licensed elementary teacher and have been working with students for almost 15 years now. I love working with children to see them learn new concepts and skills.


So whether you are looking to communicate with your pre-verbal child, looking to clarify speech, start to learn a 2nd language, help a senior citizen tell you what they need, or just have fun; The Signing Tree is a great way to start learning ASL vocabulary today!

Blue House Classroom
729 Johnson Street
Louisville, CO  80027

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