Baby Signing Time

Classes meet for 45 minutes each week. 
You’ll learn vocabulary from the Baby Signing Time DVDs, as well as colors, numbers and seasonal signs and more!

Classes involve our welcome song: “Baby Signing Time! Theme”, other fun songs that relate to the material, felt board, stories, puppets,  & games.

There will be a "free play" time where you can use items brought to class to practice with your child. 
​You can also ask any questions you might have at this time.

The class will end with our goodbye song, and sticker/stamp, or song/bubbles! 

Whether you are already signing with your child, or want to learn how, there are many ways to enjoy and benefit from our classes!

Early Communication-----Clarification of Speech------Learning Another Language
  1.          Session 3
    Session 3
    Teaches signs for: nature, weather, following directions, and more!
  2.          Session 1
    Session 1
    Teaches signs for: basic foods, manner, family, animals, and more!
  3.          Session 2
    Session 2
    Teaches signs for: getting dressed, traveling, being polite, getting ready for bed, and more!
  4.          Session 4
    Session 4
    Teaches signs for: friends, emotions, fruits, vegetables, opposites, and more!
Note: Sessions do NOT need to be taken in sequential order.  You can start in any session, at any time!