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The Blue House Classroom was named because of what it looks like!  It's a house, it's blue, and it's where some classes take place.

Located in the heart of Old Town Louisville, across from Community Park. Classes here are ideal because of it's laid back and comfortable feel.  Free roaming around the room is safe for the kids, in a colorful and friendly environment. There is a bathroom nearby, and plenty of space and light that can easily host up to 16 people (8 adults, 8-10 kids) for a class. 


Need to nurse, change a diaper?  Go right ahead!  Jennifer, the instructor, has been there/done that and knows your children take priority. Need a bottle heated up, a fresh glass of water or warm cup of tea, we've got you covered.

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Blue House Classroom
729 Johnson Street
Louisville, CO  80027

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