Class Policies

Enrollment Policy

Your place is only reserved once you have paid.  You will recieve a confirmation e-mail from Jennifer.  It is recommended to register online or by phone in advance. If space is available you may pay the first day of class. Please bring in cash, check, or credit at the beginning of class.

Refund Policy

You may cancel your session up to 24 hours prior to class starting, after that there are no refunds and you are responsible for that slot for the session. You can switch to another session if there is still space available. 

There are no refunds for missed classes. We have a very liberal make-up policy (below), but we can not refund tuition due to circumstances beyond our control, such as child illness, nap time changes, or your family’s travel plans.

Make Up Policy

We understand you may miss a class due to life happening, teething, fussy babies, illness, etc. The Signing Tree does offer make-ups on a space available basis. There are no guarantees that you will be able to make-up the class or that if you do, that it will even be the class that you missed. We try our best to accommodate.

If you know you will be missing a class please inform us 24 hours prior if at all possible, it allows us to make arrangements for you to make-up the class.

If you miss class without notice, and we have another class running later in the week, you can often makeup the lesson you missed. If this is not possible, you are permitted to take two classes in one week if there is another class running at that time.
Makeups need to be done during your current session. If this is not possible, students may makeup one class max during the next session, as long as they are currently registered in that session.
In the event that the instructor is sick or unable to attend a class, you will be notified by phone, email, and/or text. For this reason, please keep your phone number up-to- date. A makeup will be scheduled for the missed class.
* Please make every effort to ensure these classes are a priority and plan your schedule around them. Every week is different, so missed classes means missed content!

In Class Policy

Please avoid bringing your own toys to class (they get mixed with ours and you might lose them!)

When your child has put a toy in their mouth, please clean it with the wipes provided before returning it to play. If it’s an absorbent toy and is still wet, please place it out of reach.

Please do not bring your child to class if either of you are sick (no fever in the past 48 hours, no green, yellow, or white runny nose, no coughing or sneezing). Clear runny nose/no fever?  Come to class, but PLEASE make sure to keep nose wiped and hands sanitized. We don’t want to embarrass you, so don’t make us ask you to wipe your child’s nose. As for runny nose not associated with illness, you may choose to bring some of your own toys and keep some distance from other children.

Please remember that you are responsible for your child’s safety and behavior in class. Toddlers learn by testing limits, and class is a great place to start teaching these. However, please, do not let your child be rough with other children. Babies don’t mean to hurt each other, but they are not yet capable of understanding how things feel to others, so you need to be aware and intervene when necessary. Even if the other baby who is hit doesn’t cry at the time, their parent will often call us later to complain about your child. Believe me, you don’t want to be that  parent! In addition, do not let your child climb/ play with the baby gate, throw hard toys, or hit or otherwise hurt other children. If your child is unhappy or behaving aggressively, please take him/her outside of the play area for a short time– a change of scenery usually helps! :)

While we do welcome additional family members and caregivers in the class, we ask that you please limit the number of total adults attending to 2 per week, to avoid over-crowding. Please contact your instructor if you have a special situation, and need to bring more than 2 one week.


Family and friend referrals are always welcome. Please feel free to bring a curious friend or family member and their baby (even if the baby is still in the tummy) to class one day, so they can see what it’s all about! To avoid overcrowding in class, please contact the instructor in advance.

The $20 drop-in fee does still apply. However, if your friend or family member should choose to attend a session in the future they can apply the $20 credit toward that session.

Savvy Signers who refer a friend that signs up for a session receive a free gift. Please let us know in advance the name of the person who referred you so they receive their gift.

Drop-In Classes

Drop-ins are permitted on a space available basis with a fee of $20 per class. We do not offer free trials as this would interfere with paying students. Parents are welcome to schedule a drop-in during a current session (space available basis) to decide if they are interested in reserving a slot for a future session.