Field Trips/Pop Up Classes

The Signing Tree will be doing some fun summer time activities all around the Boulder/Louisville/Lafayette areas! Come meet us at The Signing Tree's summer Pop Up classes! Have fun learning American Sign Language with songs, stories, dance, games, art/crafts. 

Learn about letters, numbers, colors, summer signs, play, outside, food/drink, family and more!  Enjoy bubbles, stamps or stickers to end our 45 minute classes.

Classes will focus on signs based on location.
(example: If at a farm, we'll practice our farm/animals signs).

Suggested kid ages 0-5, but all are welcome!
Cost: $5/pp

Additional Admission Costs: Admission costs are not included in the price of the classes.
(Example: Denver Zoo, cost of class not included in admission fees)

Classes are for parents/caregivers and children. 
This is not a drop off event!

Payment Options: PayPal, Credit Cards, Cash  available On-Site, or PrePay available