Special- this DVD is signed by Rachel Coleman!


The TreeSchoolers are getting ready for the science fair! As they work on their projects, they'll help your child explore concepts related to:

  • forms of matter: solid, liquid, gas
  • gravity
  • light
  • air
  • water
  • buoyancy
  • density
  • magnets
  • particles

ASL Signs in this Episode

science - scientist - magnet - north - south - repel - attract - wonderful - world - answer - questions - find - Scientific Reasoning Cycle - first - second - third - fourth - reflect - ask - plan - predict - hypothesis - act - observe - report - density - particle - particles - molecule - atom - buoyancy - float - sink - water - freeze - ice - liquid - solid - gas - steam - boiling - H2O - whoa - hydrogen - oxygen - air - wind - feel - thank you - gravity - light - sun - warm - help - important - go - friend - share - you - proud - new - work - try - wonderful - experiment - expert

Original Songs

  • Rachel & the TreeSchoolers
  • I Wonder (Science)
  • Our Wonderful World
  • Science!
  • H2O, Whoa!
  • Thank You, Air
  • Light Dance
  • Share It


Parent Review

"Our family loves all the products that Two Little Hands produces. We watch Signing Time, Baby Signing Time, or Rachel & the TreeSchoolers almost every day. As much as we enjoy all of the products, the 'Scientific Reasoning' episode has to be one of our absolute favorites. It touches on MANY areas of science, and it teaches children how to think about problems. This episode is not about memorizing facts; it's about discovering the world around us and figuring out how it works. The music is great, there are a huge number of signs taught that are hard to find elsewhere, and it even keeps the attention of my one year old. My educational background is in engineering, and I still learned some scientific concepts that were new to me. Be sure to check out the bonus features."


How are TreeSchoolers videos different from Signing Time videos?

  • The goal of TreeSchoolers is to teach a complete preschool curriculum.
  • The goal of Signing Time is to teach ASL signs.
  • Both shows feature original songs by Emmy-nominated host, Rachel Coleman.
  • Both shows feature ASL signs. Signing Time completely focuses on signing. And since research shows that signing can help preschool children learn and remember new concepts, it was natural to include a handful of ASL signs in TreeSchoolers, too!

TreeSchoolers: Science Fair DVD and Songs

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