Episode 1: A Rainy Day - Rain interrupts the TreeSchoolers' plans to play outside. The lightning and thunder scare Abacus Finch. Rachel and the TreeSchoolers show Abacus that understanding something can make it less scary.


This episode teaches the following skills, concepts and values:

  • weather concepts
  • problem solving
  • word rhyming
  • sign language
  • storytelling
  • persistence
  • kindness
  • courage
  • sorting



  • Rachel and the TreeSchoolers
  • I Wonder
  • The Weather Song
  • What Makes a Cloud?
  • Lightning and Thunder
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider (Never Give Up)
  • Rhyming Time
  • Share It


ASL Signs

Research shows that signing can help preschool children learn and remember essential concepts, so we've included a handful of supporting signs in this episode: weather - rain - cloud - lightning - thunder - sun - kind/nice


How are TreeSchoolers videos different from Signing Time videos?

  • The goal of TreeSchoolers is to teach a complete preschool curriculum.
  • The goal of Signing Time is to teach ASL signs.
  • Both shows features original songs by Emmy-nominated host, Rachel Coleman.
  • Both shows feature ASL signs. Signing Time completely focuses on signing. And since research shows that signing can help preschool children learn and remember new concepts, it was natural to include a handful of ASL signs in TreeSchoolers, too! The following signs are taught in this episode to enhance understanding of the key concepts and social skills: weather, rain, cloud, lightning, thunder, sun, and kind (or nice).

TreeSchoolers: A Rainy Day DVD and Songs

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