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September 11
​ ASL 1 Class Signs:


Numbers 1-30


Store, Need, Go, School, Home, Number, Old-You?

Count: The sign for "count" uses an "F" handshape on the dominant hand.  The base hand is in a "flat" handshape.  If you are right handed, the tip of the right index finger and thumb touch the palm of the left hand (near the heel of the palm) and then slide forward twice.

Chocolate, Computer

Church: C, bounces up and down on fist


Top Classifiers:

 CL:1  Things that are (relatively) long and skinny.  A pencil, a stick, a person.
CL:A an object in a certain location.  A house, a lamp.
CL:3- vehicles, [motorcycle, park a car, row of cars, accident, garage]
CL:4-["line of people" CURTAIN]
CL:B- flat things[roof, flat, wall]
CL:C-[thick things, round pole-like things]
CL:C-(index and thumb)  pepperoni, cookies, campaign buttons
CL:F - small round things: buttons, quarters, tokens, eyeballs, instrumental classifier for holding on to small things, (also for showing movement of small flying insects)
CL:G- thin things (or degree of thinness), also "eyelids"
CL:L(modified)-[large, big-headed/egoistic/conceited, check, card, square]
CL:R Rope-like, braided, rolled,and/or twisted things. 
CL:V- legs, a person walking-(upside-down V), two people walking, [stand, walk-to, lay down, toss-and-turn, dive, jump, skate board, scooter, get up] 
CL:V-bent  a small animal, or a larger animal sitting.
CL:Y  Very wide things.  A fat person walking (WADDLE).  A hippopotamus's mouth.

Homework for September 11- Due September 18:

1.) Write in your notebook about 3- 5 sentences using signs from past 3 classes. Try to use at least 2 classifiers, and practice signing your sentences. 

Remember example of Cat-sitting on-table/Cat-under-table/Cat-lying on table

2.) Practice signing Numbers 1- 30