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  1. Baby Signing Time, Disk 1
    Baby Signing Time, Disk 1
  2. Baby Signing Time Book 1
    Baby Signing Time Book 1
  3. Baby Signing Time Disk 2
    Baby Signing Time Disk 2
  4. Baby Signing Time Book 2
    Baby Signing Time Book 2
  5. Baby Signing Time DVD/CD 3
    Baby Signing Time DVD/CD 3
  6. Baby Signing Time DVD/CD 4
    Baby Signing Time DVD/CD 4
  7. Signing Charts
    Signing Charts
  8. Flash Cards
    Flash Cards
  9. Good Night Baby CD
    Good Night Baby CD
  10. BST Learners Complete Set
    BST Learners Complete Set
  11. Nursery Rhymes (pre-order now)
    Nursery Rhymes (pre-order now)
  12. Plush Hopkins
    Plush Hopkins
  13. Potty Time Book
    Potty Time Book
  14. Potty Time Set
    Potty Time Set
  15. Potty Time DVD/CD
    Potty Time DVD/CD
  16. Shine CD for Grown-up (and kids)
    Shine CD for Grown-up (and kids)
Baby Signing Time Products
Baby Signing Time is designed specifically for babies 3 - 36 months old. This two-volume series sets your baby's day to music as you learn signs and songs for everyday events in baby's life such as eating, washing hands, sleep time, family members, pets, and more. The format of this program is a combination of original songs, animation, and real signing babies age 2 and under demonstrating each sign.

Baby Signing Time makes signing easy and fun and is a great product to start with if your child is under three years old.

Once you have 'graduated' from the Baby Signing Time series, you can go ahead and move to the standard Signing Time Series 1 product line, starting with Volumes 1-3 and moving on up from there as your child's sign language vocabulary develops. You'll already know many of the signs in Signing Time Volumes 1-3, but you'll have that added reinforcement and NEW songs to learn! (You do not want to miss out on the Silly Pizza Song in Volume 3!). Plus, your child will be introduced to the 'real' Alex and Leah and watch them grow up throughout the Signing Time series.

Baby Signing Time also makes an excellent gift for expectant mothers and new babies and is one of our best-selling products.
Signing Time Products- Series 1 and Series 2
  1. Good Night CD
    Good Night CD
  2. Shine CD
    Shine CD
  3. Nice To Meet You (2.1)
    Nice To Meet You (2.1)
  4. Move and Groove (2.3)
    Move and Groove (2.3)
  5. My Favorite Season (2.4)
    My Favorite Season (2.4)
  6. Going Outside (2.5)
    Going Outside (2.5)
  7. Days of the Week (2.6)
    Days of the Week (2.6)
  8. My Favorite Sport (2.7)
    My Favorite Sport (2.7)
  9. My House (2.8)
    My House (2.8)
  10. My Thins (2.9)
    My Thins (2.9)
  11. Once Upon A Time (2.11)
    Once Upon A Time (2.11)
  12. Box of Crayons (2.12)
    Box of Crayons (2.12)
  13. Who Has the Frog (2.13)
    Who Has the Frog (2.13)
  14. Feelings (1.4)
    Feelings (1.4)
  15. ABC Sings (1.5)
    ABC Sings (1.5)
  16. My Favorite Things (1.6)
    My Favorite Things (1.6)
  17. Leah's Farm (1.7)
    Leah's Farm (1.7)
  18. The Great Outdoors (1.8)
    The Great Outdoors (1.8)
  19. Happy Birthday (2.2)
    Happy Birthday (2.2)
  20. My Day (1.10)
    My Day (1.10)
  21. My Neighborhood (1.11)
    My Neighborhood (1.11)
  22. Time To Eat (1.12)
    Time To Eat (1.12)
  23. Series 1 Set
    Series 1 Set
  24. Series 2 Set
    Series 2 Set
  25. Sentences Vol 1-3 Set
    Sentences Vol 1-3 Set
  26. Sentences- Let's Get Started
    Sentences- Let's Get Started
  27. Story Time
    Story Time
Our award winning Signing Time DVDs will help you and your child learn basic American Sign Language (ASL) vocabulary words. Signing Time truly makes learning sign language easy, entertaining and fun for children of all ages. The format of Signing Time includes an adult (Rachel Coleman, co-creator) to model each sign, supported by footage of Alex and Leah (real kids, cousins in real life, Leah is deaf and Alex can hear, and Leah is Rachel's daughter), as well as footage of children and families demonstrating each sign in the proper context. Two to four thematic songs are sprinkled throughout each volume to help bring together all that you've learned.

The recommended ages for Signing Time are ages 1-8, although all ages love it and find it a fun and easy way to learn basic ASL signs. (If we can make it simple enough for small children to learn, older children and adults will learn in a snap!)

Each DVD is approximately 30 minutes long plus approximately 15 minutes of bonus material and special features such as interviews, bloopers, sign variations, and behind-the-scenes segments. All products are close-captioned and also contain English subtitles as an optional backup for captioning
  1. Board Book
    Board Book
  2. Potty Time Set
    Potty Time Set
  3. CD/DVD
Potty Time
Potty Time is a playful and positive approach to potty training. Emmy-nominated host Rachel Coleman teaches and inspires children to use the potty - and helps them sing, sign, and dance to celebrate their amazing bodies and potty time success. Potty Time is a perfect partner in potty training, working with any potty training method you choose. We believe children learn best by having fun, positive experiences through music, movement and fun! Try Potty Time today and we guarantee you'll love it!  The DVD includes 30 minutes and special features.  Potty Time also has 9 new and original songs. 
Rachel and the Treeschoolers
  1. Disk 1- A Rainy Day
    Disk 1- A Rainy Day
  2. Disk 2- Plants & Flowers
    Disk 2- Plants & Flowers
  3. Disk 3- Incredible Insects
    Disk 3- Incredible Insects
  4. Disk 4- Awesome Animals
    Disk 4- Awesome Animals
  5. Disk 5- The Amazing Human Body
    Disk 5- The Amazing Human Body
  6. Disk 6- Happy, Healthy Me
    Disk 6- Happy, Healthy Me
  7. Disk 7- Scientific Reasoning
    Disk 7- Scientific Reasoning
  8. Disk 8- Extraordinary Earth
    Disk 8- Extraordinary Earth
  9. Disk 9- Our Solar System
    Disk 9- Our Solar System
  10. Treeschoolers Set
    Treeschoolers Set

How are TreeSchoolers videos different
​from Signing Time videos?

Get ready for kindergarten with all of the Rachel & the TreeSchoolers DVD+CD sets! Watch your child fall in love with learning! This curriculum-based series prepares preschoolers for Kindergarten by teaching essential concepts and social skills (like kindness, teamwork, persistence and sharing) while nourishing your child's self esteem. Emmy-nominated host Rachel Coleman (from Signing Time) teaches children not only what they can learn, but how to learn! Watch your child become actively engaged in learning through songs, signs, stories, and dance.  These also include activity guides to continue the learning at home with experiments, discussions and activites.  DVDs are approximately 30 minutes in length with special features.  Each episode has all new original music including; I Wonder, Lighting and Thunder, The Weather, Insect Alphabet, 5 Spring Flowers, Photosynthesis, and An Insect Has...