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Communicate with signs before your baby can talk! Help reduce tantrums, increase vocabulary and promote bonding. The Signing Tree will teach the most early sings for early communication, like pets, food, family members, manners, playtime, feelings, bedtime and more. Come join The Signing Tree, with 45 minutes of fun, songs, and stories, all while learning American Sign Language (ASL).

​Learn ASL to help clarify speech or continue brain development with toddlers/preschoolers by starting to learning a 2nd lanuage!
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Ways to learn with The Signing Tree
Sessions + Materials
Drop In

Pay only when you go!

It's difficult with little one's schedules, we get that.  This way you can check the calendar and attend only the classes that fit your schedule!

Attend  4-6 week sessions full of fun, signs, stories, games and more!

Classes are 45 minutes long.

Can start any session anytime, do not need to take sessions in sequence!

Fun classes

+plus physical or digital materials* included so you can practice at home with your family.

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*Materials can included DVD/CD, Digital, Books, Flash Cards, Charts etc.