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The Signing Tree
Communicate with signs before your baby can talk!
Help reduce tantrums, increase vocabulary and promote bonding.
The Signing Tree will teach over 100 of the best signs to get started in learning American Sign Language (ASL) for early communication, like pets, food, family members, manners, playtime, feelings, bedtime and more.

Learn ASL vocabulary to help clarify speech or increase brain development with toddlers/preschoolers and start learning a 2nd language today! 
It's NEVER too early or later to learn signs!
Winter/Spring: January-April 2020
Jan 15, 9:45 AM MST – Apr 01, 10:30 AM MDT
729 Johnson St,
729 Johnson St, Louisville, CO 80027, USA
About our Classes

Come join The Signing Tree, with fun songs, stories, movement, music, dance, rhymes, and sensory play;
all while learning American Sign Language (ASL).


Various Testimonials for Signing Time

Carie Whalen:
Girl Scout Troop Leader

Jennifer just did an excellent sign language class for our Brownie Troop. She had a great lesson plan for the girls including games and crafts. Super professional and well done!

February 2019

Birthday Party
Tea Party

Jennifer helped create an amazing birthday party as well as taught signs for tea, cookies, sandwiches, more, please, hat, necklace, napkin, cup, plate, thank you and all done.

February 2019

Stephanie Van Fleet, AML Teacher

We hired Jennifer to help create a special event and she was fantastic!

May 2018

Melissa and Brielle;
Baby Signing Time

Brielle (5 months) and I just completed a 6-week signing class through The Signing Tree.  If anyone is looking for a baby sign language class, I highly recommend it!  The teacher, Jennifer Choy, engages babies through toddlers and tailors class activities to be age appropriate. Songs, activities, and books reinforce the signs learned each week in a way that is fun for the children (and parents)! 

March 2018

6 Year olds Birthday Party

Jennifer led a presentation about jungle animals for our 6 year old birthday party.  She entertained and educated the kids with games, stories, and sign language.

January 2018

Blue House Classroom
729 Johnson Street
Louisville, CO  80027

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