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Recommended Ages: ANY AGE

Classes are 45 - 60 minutes

Field Trips are 2-3 hours

Customize your lessons with Ms. Jenn. Have private one on one, family, or small group lessons. Discuss options for online or in-person. Can be Baby Signing Time, Signing Time, Potty Time, or beginning ASL tutoring.

  • Customizable

  • Semi-Private Fees: $20/class/student, $30/family (minimum of 4 families), Private

  • Tutoring Fees: $45/hr for online, $60/hr for in person with travel

  • Semi-Private Fees Include: Semi-custom lesson plans based on Signing Time material, 1 DVD or Hopkins Plush..... Private Fees Include:  Custom and structured lessons for your needs, or to build upon your signing skills

  • Online videos or review slides

  • Registration is required.

  • Minimum of 4 in a semi-private, 1-2 in private

Class Suggestions:
Baby Signing Time
Signing Time
Science and Signing
ASL for Beginners (1st grade to adult): Great Option for families

Current Classes: accepting private, small group classes either online or in-person.

Young Adult & Family ASL Group
Started Nov 16


instructor + owner

303 579 8000


the blue house classroom

729 Johnson Street

Louisville, Colorado


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