It's Potty Time

Signing, dancing, and singing our way to diaper freedom!

Recommended Ages: 18 months to 4 years old
Classes are 45 minutes.

This class introduces vocabulary from the Potty Time! DVD, as well as other signs relevant to potty training. Whether you've begun potty training or not, this class will empower parents and children to communicate clearly with one another and encourage a playful and positive approach to potty training! 

  • Potty Time Sessions will run 4-week or 8-weeks

  • Tuition: $90 to $150/Family (Up to 3 people)

  • Tuition Includes:  Download of Potty Time App, Digital Resource Book, choice of Digital or Physical Materials, and Craft Fees

    • Digital Set Includes: Video, 16 Songs, 4 Digital Books

    • Physical Set Includes: DVD/CD, 1 Board Book

    • Add a Baby Hopkins Plush (with removable diaper) for only $10

  • Registration is required

  • Minimum of 3 people needed to hold class

    Note: Video is not shown during class time, we have too much other fun to do!

Potty Time App

“One of the reasons the Potty Time App is a top potty training app in iTunes and Google is the video call feature. Rachel Coleman can ‘call’ your child to say ‘Good job!’ or ‘Try again!’ with a short video. My son and a few of his friends were potty training when the app was released and they all wanted to call Rachel after trying to use the potty. They loved it!” – LeeAnn

Blue House Classroom
729 Johnson Street
Louisville, CO  80027

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