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Preschool Signing

Introduction to over 1,000 signs and start of making sentences

Recommended for Ages 3-5 years
Vocabulary based on
Signing Time Series 1 and 2 DVDs

Designed for graduates of Baby Signing Time classes, as well as any family interested in learning a fun and hands-on second language!  Did you know that during the preschool and early elementary school years, signing can help your child learn to read and write? Research suggests that signing with children can also increase their interest in books. Each class will focus on building literacy and fine motor skills with Story time, music, movement and a variety of crafts and activities. 

  • Sessions are 4 weeks long

  • Tuition: $9,999/Parent + 1 Child

  • Includes: Parent Resource Book, Material fee, and Signing Time or Treeschoolers DVD/CD (or digital credit).

  • Sibling discounts are available

  • Registration is required  

Coming Soon

Blue House Classroom
729 Johnson Street
Louisville, CO  80027

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